1. Anonymous said: Maybe you'll find out who I am if you go to the Slaves show at the Vernon Club soon. ;)

    Honestly I’m a fan of Jonny, but I haven’t even listened to any of slaves stuff yet.

  2. @an_albatrossHey @espguitars this crazy thing you made for @tonyperry sounds great!

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  5. Anonymous said: just date her already

    …. So confused

  6. captainstormwind:

    The truth is out there.

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  9. Anonymous said: Well, if you're here, come cuddle with me! Haha! ;)



  12. Anonymous said: You aren't gonna get any closer though! :)

    That’s what you think. Those new curtains in your room look nice 😏


  13. Anonymous said: I'm not giving anything away. ;)

    Jokes on you, already did!


  14. Anonymous said: Ahhhhh. But yeah. It's raining and it's perfect weather to cuddle and listen to Real Friends. :)

    Ahh it’s storming here too so I’m assuming you live close.


  15. Anonymous said: What? Did I say something wrong? Lol

    I answered with a heart but it didn’t show it for some reason.