3. Anonymous said: Mizzou. What about you?

    me too! jk I go to IUPUI in Indianapolis.


  4. Anonymous said: Be jealous. I'm going to see Beartooth on Halloween in their hometown. Bam!

    I am very jealous :/ take me with you.


  5. Anonymous said: I am! I'm a junior studying psychology. I like it! It's better when I don't procrastinate writing a paper haha!

    Yeah I feel that, Procrastinating sucks, but its so easy to do haha. Where do you go to school?


  6. Anonymous said: So you are in college. That was my next question haha. What year are you and what are you studying? My night was okay, lots of hw!

    I’m a sophomore, and I’m studying Visual Communication Design, are you in college?


  8. Anonymous said: On it! how was your night? what did you do/what are you doing?

    thank you :) Tonight I got out of class, came back to my apartment and made dinner then hit the gym and now I’m probably going to spend the rest of the night slowly rotting away on tumblr. How was your night?


  11. someone should send me messages, anon or not! thanks :)

  12. natorade182:

    How our generation will be at 85+

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  13. lamapalooza:

    this is your captain speaking, AND THIS IS YOUR CAPTAIN SHOUTING.

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  15. Anonymous said: You're hot. Your personally seems rad. Thank you for your time.

    no thank you! just made my day :)