1. One of the best things for a woman to hear is that she is sexy.

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    this show never fails me

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    Our interview with Jasper Wong of POW!WOW!HAWAII.

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    Seconds Befor The Dawn | (by Assala Soula)

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  8. Anonymous said: What does that mean? Lol!

    It was a joke lol


  10. Anonymous said: Because we don't talk and/or know each other! :(

    Well with that attitude we sure don’t


  11. Anonymous said: Plans for new tattoos? :)

    Not at the moment, I could see myself with a full sleeve though, but right now I have neither the funds for that or anything meaningful enough to get.


  12. Anonymous said: Today I got to see one of Monet's Water Lillies, a Rembrandt, a Kandinsky, a couple Andy Warhol's and a bunch more. c:

    I’m so jealous!! :/ why didn’t you take me


  13. Anonymous said: Do you like art/paintings/photography?

    Art in general is mahhh lifeeee


  14. Anonymous said: Oh it's totally boobs!

    then yes, boobs are a good thing in this world.

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